Main Courses

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The Axiotissa tavern will be closed every Tuesday
Lamb wrapped in parchment with garlic, onion, kefalotiri cheese, oregano, thyme and rosemary, baked slowly in the oven and served with fried potatoes 16.50
Goat baked in a pot with olive oil, oregano and a little lemon (traditional cretan plate –tsigariasto), served with fried potatoes 16.50
Stuffed courgettes with minced meat and organic bulgur and yogurt – mint sauce on top 12.00
Fresh local chicken, cut in sticks, coated with sesame and fried, served with basmati rice 15.50
Local dry aged beef steak with homemade fried potatoes 50.00/kgr
Pork chop on the grill 12.00
Beef steak with homemade fried potatoes 19.00
Beef burger from fresh minced meat (beef and a little pork) with cumin and herbs 11.00
Beef burger stuffed with graviera cheese and tomato 13.50
Syrian burger stuffed with graviera cheese, onion and peppers, served with fried potatoes, pita bread and tahini dip 14.00
Yaourtlou, with beef patties served on pita bread with yogurt and tomato sauce 12.50
Local pork sausages with fried potatoes 9.50
Local beef sausages sented with citrus with fried potatoes 11.00

Fish and Seafood

Fish on the grill is served with olive oil and lemon dressing, unless you ask not to put it.

Fresh shrimps with butter, garlic, star anise and ouzo 16.50
Fresh shrimps in lemon sauce with smoked paprika, garlic, rosemary and coriander 16.50
Shrimps saganaki with tomato, olives and feta cheese 16.50
Sardines stuffed with cherry tomatoes, capers and garlic, in the oven 13.00
Fried sesame sardines’ fillets with beetroot-mayonnaise-garlic dip 13.00
Fresh anchovies baked in the oven with tomato, lemon and garlic 13.00
Fried sesame anchovies’ fillets, with beetroot-mayonnaise-garlic dip 13.00
Sea bass on the grill 60.00/kg
Red snapper on the grill 65.00/kg
Sea bream (dentex dentex) on the grill 65.00/kg


Falafel from organic chick peas wrapped in pita bread with baked aubergine, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, rocket, yogurt and aside tahini sauce and hot chili sauce 9.00
Okra baked in the oven with garlic, a little hot pepper and tomato 9.50
Aubergines imam baildi, stuffed with onions and baked in the oven 9.00

Appetizers … :: Soft Drinks, Beers, Wine :: Bottled Wines :: Desserts & Coffees