Desserts & Coffees

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Cool Chocolate Torte with homemade whipped cream 6.00
Cool Cheesecake with homemade citrus or orange jam 6.00
Green citrus liquor ice cream with candied citrus pieces on top of almond sponge cake 7.00
Vanilla ice cream with caramelized almonds, a ball 4.30
Ice cream a`la rose with roasted almonds, a ball 4.30
Homemade spoon sweets – fruits in syrup (citrus and kumquat) or artisan from Naxos’ Tastes (pomelo, bergamot, orange or fig) 3.60
Yogurt with spoon sweet – fruits in syrup 4.50

Coffees and Teas

Tea, black or green 2.80
Women’s tea, ayurvedic blend with ginger, orange peel and chamomile 2.80
Herbal tea 2.80
Linden tea 2.80
Chamomile 2.80
Lemon verbena (organic) 2.80
Organic lemon and ginger infusion 2.80
Organic ginseng matcha green tea 2.80

Appetizers, Salads … :: Main Courses :: Drinks :: Bottled Wines