Salads, Appetizers & Naxian Cheese

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The “Axiotissa” tavern will be open daily till October 29 except Mondays!


Homemade organic bread with sourdough, and homemade spread 2.00
Naxian salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, rocket capers and xinomizithra (soft local cheese) 9.00
Salad with rusk bread and fresh tomato, rocket, xinomizithra and balsamic vinegar 7.50
Salad with tomato, onion, parsley, olives and xinotiro cheese 8.00
Lettuce salad with anchovy fillet dressing, pumpkin seeds and pink peppercorn 7.80
Boiled dandelion (horta) with extra virgin olive oil 8.40
Beetroot salad with garlic, walnuts and xinotiro cheese 7.60
Spicy chick pea salad with hot and sweet peppers, onion, olives, fresh coriander and turmeric 7.00
Organic black eyed beans’ salad with smoked mackerel, scallions, red peppers and wild fennel 11.00

In the salads we use organic extra virgin olive oil. In our cooking we use extra virgin olive oil, even in frying. Flours we use are organic. The vegetables are local. The beans and peas are organic from Central Greece. The honey is from Naxos.


Tzatziki with yogurt, carrot, garlic and mustard seeds 5.60
Organic yellow split peas (fava) with onions and cappers 7.30
Baked slices of aubergine with almonds and local cheese 7.20
Saganaki, fried naxian cheese kefalotyri 6.80
Fried kefalotyri with local thyme honey and sesame seeds 7.50
Spicy fried mushrooms with onion, red hot pepper and wine 8.20
Grilled hot feta (from Kefalonia Island) with chili and sweet peppers, garlic, olives and tomato 8.10
Cycladic smoked pork fillet louza served with rocket/basil pesto with pumpkin seeds and pine nuts 8.00
Fresh tuna bites marinated and fried with zatar, lemon zest and wine 12.80

Naxian Cheese

Xinomyzithra, fresh soft sour cheesefrom sheep and goat milk 5.30
Graviera of Naxos, a yellow mild cheese from cow milk 5.30
Arseniko, naxian kefalotyri, a hard spicy strong cheese from sheep or goat milk – the famous local cheese 5.30
Anthotyro, a cheese with a fatty taste 5.30
Plate of local cheese for 2 persons 9.00
Plate of local cheese for 4 persons 14.00

Main Courses :: Drinks :: Bottled Wines :: Desserts & Coffees