Bottled Wines

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Kleftes -Thieves (bio without sulphur), Vineyard Markou, var. Savvatiano, Attica
Intense taste, dry, with balanced acidity. Flavors of quinces and peach, with a long after taste.
San ta Maratha Syros’ winery, var. Assyrtiko, Syros Island
Firm, rich, with spicy, mineral taste and perky acidity. Pairing with fish and seafood, lemony tastes, vegetable and cheese pies, white salty cheese, risotto and poultry.
Fabrica white Syros’ winery, var. Monemvasia, Koundoura, Syros Island
Fruity and fresh, with good acidity, easy and juicy. Ideal with savory tastes, with pies and meze, with white cheese and seafood, vegetables and white meat. It could be a perfect aperitive.
Roditis Tetramythos natural, Tetramythos winery, var. Roditis, Patras, Peloponese
Light yellow color, flavors of green apple and lemon, honey and dry nuts touch. Medium, relatively fatty taste with a fine balance, complicated and delightful. Ideal with fish and seafood, pies, grilled vegetables and white meat. It matures until two years.
Malagouzia Tetramythos natural wine, Tetramythos winery, var. Malagouzia, Ano Diakopto-Patra
Herbal aromas of basil and thyme while the fruit is in the shades of pear, ripe but with freshness. It accompanies excellent light meals or you can drink it as well as an aperitif on hot summer days, giving freshness and beautiful aromas.
Xeronomia Xydakis’ Microwinery, various local varieties, Mykonos
Adventurous wine made from various local grapes. Alcoholic, buttery and full bodied with a discrete acidity and a mesmerizing aftertaste. It combines well with meat and fatty fish like sardines, tuna or white grouper.
Effranor Biodynamic, Sklavos’winery, var. Moschatella and Vostilidi, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands

Medium lemony color. Attractive aromas with intense floral character that includes jasmine, lemon and orange blossoms. In the mouth it has a moderate body and balanced acidity.
Assyrtiko Tzikas natural wine, Tzikas’ Winery, var. Assyrtiko 100%, Chalkidiki Northern Greece
6 months in barrel. Citrus and herbal touches in the aromas. It tastes rich and greasy with notes of nuts and dried fruits. Great combination with lamb in lemon, Greek traditional dishes, seafood, smoked eel, chicken in lemon sauce, white dips and cheeses.
Sauvignon Assyrtiko natural, Tzikas’ Winery, var. Sauvignon 90%, Assyrtiko 10%, Chalkidiki Northern Greece

6 months in French oak barrels. Lemon color with aroma of peach, grapefruit, citrus flowers, with aromas of pastry and toasted bread. It accompanies ideally fish, seafood, shellfish, zucchini, dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
Migma PetNat White , semi-sparkling natural wine, Hatzivaryti Winery, var. 50% Malagouzia-50% Moschato Samos, Goumenissa Kilkis
Sparkling wine with golden color. On the nose it is very fruity with a pleasant aroma of peach, white fruit and elderflower. Full mouth, with fresh acidity, intense aromas and well-formed bubbles.
Zakynthino Biodynamic, Sklavos’winery, var. Zakynthino, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands
Although in theory it is white, it has a beautiful orange color which owes to the gentle oxides during winemaking, the absence of filtration and sulfite but also the maturation for 6 months in 300lt barrels. Complex aromatic bouquet of citrus jams, ripe apricot and peach and beautiful delicate notes of honey. In the mouth, moderate in volume, but quite exuberant and aromatic. Ideal for plate with aged cheeses, duck with fruit chutney and difficult dishes with many spices.


Rose Xinomavro natural wine, Thymiopoulos’ Winery, var. Xinomavro, Naoussa, Macedonia
Indigenous yeasts, without sulfites. Expressive, with a lively, intense color and a light tan that resembles a very light red, it will gracefully accompany all summer oily, tomato spaghetti and dishes with a fresh tone.
Migma PetNat Rose , semi-sparkling natural wine, Hatzivaryti Winery, var. 70% Negoska-30% Xinomavro, Goumenissa Kilkis
Sparkling wine with intense pink color. On the nose it is fruity with a pleasant aroma of cherry and strawberry. It is full in the mouth, with crunchy acidity and well-formed bubbles.


Black Kalavritino natural wine, Tetramythos winery, var. Black Kalavritino, Ano Diakopto-Patra
Bright ruby color, with aromas of red and black fruits, herbs and discreet notes of flowers reminiscent of violet. In the mouth it is soft, with enough freshness due to the acidity, with very gentle tannins and the fruity character to stand out in the finish
Koutela Xydakis’ Garden, var. Koundoura, Syrah, Pariano, Mykonos
A nice summer red wine with soft tannins and red fruits flavor. Ideal to accompany strong cheese like naxian arseniko, sausage, louza, cooked beef and grilled meat.
Orgy Biodynamic, Sklavos, var. Mavrodafni, Kefalonia Island
Flavors of chocolate, smoke and cinnamon. It is ideal with cooked meat, meat pies and yellow cheese. This wine needs to breath for at least half an hour in an open carafe before it’s consumption.

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