Naxian Cheese

The precious cheeses of Naxos

Livestock farming in Naxos is still going strong, although most of the shepherds barely manage to make a living. Sheep and goat farming is a distinct profession, tied to a rich folklore and numerous related traditions.

As Y.D. Zevgolis documented in his essay entitled “Poimenika tis Oreinis Naxou” [Pastorals of Mountainous Naxos], published in Aperathitika journal in the summer of 1988, the linguistic wealth of the shepherds residing in the mountain villages of the Island is timely remarkable. Specific words are used to signify almost any type of activity, and even the particular skills of each shepherd and the condition of each animal.

Xinomyzithra, fresh soft sour cheese from sheep and goat milk 4.40
Graviera of Naxos, a yellow mild cheese from cow milk 4.40
Arseniko, naxian kefalotyri, a hard spicy strong cheese from sheep or goat milk – the famous local cheese 4.40
Anthotyro, a cheese with a fatty taste 4.40
Touloumotiri, a strong salty white cheese from sheep and goat milk, creamy with hard pieces 4.40
Myzithra, a soft unsalted cheese, available only in certain season 4.40
Xinotyro, dry salted xinomizithra – characteristic special cheese 4.40
Plate of local cheese for 2 persons / for 4 persons 6.70 / 10.00