Salads, especially during the summer months, can often make up a proper meal in their own right. I should probably make it clear right from the beginning that salads are my favorite summer dishes. It all depends, of course, on the quality of the ingredients: no sight is more off-putting than a tattered lettuce or a not quite or overly ripe – not to mention completely tasteless – tomato.

Naxian salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, rocket capers and xinomizithra (soft local cheese) or touloumotiri (salty creamy cheese with hard pieces) 6.70
Salad with rusk bread and fresh tomato, rocket, xinomizithra and balsamic vinegar 5.70
Lettuce salad with anchovy fillet dressing 6.50
Mung peas’ salad (organic green pea) with dill, peppers, onion, raisins and vinegar 5.60
Raw courgettes salad with yogurt-mint dressing 5.80
Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives and feta cheese 5.80
Samphire salad (sea fennel) with a dressing of baked garlic and ginger 6.00
Beetroot salad with garlic, walnuts and xinotiro cheese 6.10
Taboulé salad with organic bulgur, onion, tomato, cucumber and parsley 6.30
Organic chick pea’s salad, spicy, with onion, sweet and hot peppers, olives and fresh coliander 5.60
Tomato salad with xinotyro cheese with onion,parsley and olives 6.70
Dakos, rusk bread with fresh tomato, xinomizithra or feta, and cappers 5.50
Rusk bread with fresh tomato and kopanisti cheese (a Cycladic strong, particular cheese which belongs in the family of blue cheese) 6.70
Aubergine salad with baked garlic, red pepper, tahini served on carob rusks 5.60
Sea urchine with lemon drops and toasted bread 15.00