In Greece we share our salads and appetizers – sometimes even the main dish. So, we serve these dishes as they get ready. In case that you prefer a different way of serving, please let us know and we’ll do our best.

Tahini Spread

Το me, the sesame seed pulp called tahini serves as a true emblem of Eastern Mediterranean culinary tradition. It is an immensely healthy and nutritional food, with a wide array of uses and a wealth of hidden talents that shine through ίπ its combinations. Shunned by many for its association with arduous fasting periods and poorly executed soups, it is about time we dispelled any enduring misconceptions and restored tahini to its rightful place on our tables.

Tzatziki with yogurt and local cheese xinomizithra, carrot and mustard seeds 6.60
Humus from organic chick peas with cumin and garlic 5.50
Yellow split peas, organic fava beans cream, served with onions, capers and sundried tomatoes 6.10
Grilled hot feta with chilli and sweet peppers, garlic and tomato 6.60
Chick pea patties with yogurt dip 5.50
Armenian sausage, spicy and aromatic, with garlic, tomato and feta in the oven 7.00
Aubergines in the casserole with local cheeses and tomato sauce 7.00
Fried okra with kopanisti cheese cream -kopanisti: strong spicy cycladic blue cheese 6.30
Baked slices of aubergine with almonds and local cheese 5.80
Saganaki, fried naxian cheese kefalotyri 5.50
Fried kefalotyri with local thyme honey and sesame seeds 6.10
Pita with local unsalted cheese mizithra rolled in fylo pastry, and local thyme honey on top 6.60