Soft Drinks

Natural Bottled Water 1,5 lt 1.70
Natural Bottled Water 0,5 lt 0.80
Sparkling Water 330ml 1.10
Sparkling Water 750ml 2.20
Homemade lemonade with honey and lemon verbena, glass 2.30

The following Soft Drinks are from the small greek company Epsa

Orangeade, Lemonade, Lemon soda, Soda water, Sour cherry drink 1.70
Orangeade from red orange 1.70
Lemon Cola (sugar free, with stevia) 1.70
Ice Tea lemon or peach 1.70
Iced green tea, light (stevia) with pomegranate and sour cherry 2.20
Iced rooibos tea, light, with cranberry, aronia and goji berry 2.20

Some beer or a wine for the main course?