Alcoholic Drinks

We also serve Soft Drinks.


Amstel 500ml 3.20
Heineken 500ml 3.50
Alfa 500ml 3.30
Fix, 500ml, greek beer 3.30
Kaiser pilsner 500ml 3.30
Vergina premium lager, 500ml, from North Greece 3.30
Vergina weiss, 500ml, from North Greece 4.00
Alfa, Alcohol Free, 500ml 3.30

Beers from greek small breweries

Septem pils, 330ml, unpasteurized, from greek island Evia 4.20
Septem pale ale, 330ml, unpasteurized, from Evia 4.20
Septem porter, dark beer, 330ml, unpasteurized, from Evia 4.20
Septem, 8th day, Indian Pale Ale, 330ml, unpasteurized, from Evia 4.20
Argos lager, 500ml, from Attiki 3.50
Noctua, Head Twister, Pale Ale 500ml 4.80
Fresh Chios beer, House Ale, Chios Island, 330ml 4.20
Fresh Chios Porter, unfiltered and unpasteurized, smoked 4.50
Ikariotissa, fresh unpasteurized beer from Ikaria island, 500ml 4.50


White, Rosé and Red

– White organic wine from variety Asyrtiko, Monemvasia and Sauvignon Blanc
– Rose (our produce) from local varieties (potamissi, mandilaria, aidani)
– Red from Peloponese, Nemea, variety Aghiorghitiko, Nikolà winery

1 liter 8.00
½ liter 4.00
¼ liter 2.00
Glass of open wine 2.00

Sweet Wine From Lemnos

½ liter 9.00
¼ liter 4.50
glass 3.50


Raki (our produce), glass 2.50
Raki (our produce), carafe 200ml 5.00
Raki with honey (rakomelo), glass 3.00
Raki with honey (rakomelo), carafe 200ml 6.00
Raki with saffron, glass 3.00
Raki with saffron, carafe 200ml 6.00
Ouzo Babatzim, traditional from Tessaloniki, 200ml 6.00
Ouzo, glass 2.00
Citron liquor of Naxos, Vallindras’ Distillery, white, glass 3.00
Citron liquor of Naxos, Vallindras’ Distillery, white, carafe 200ml 7.00
Mastic liquor of Chios, glass 5.00

Or a bottle of greek wine?

Of course there are also Softdrinks.