Bottled Wines


Fabrica Syros’ winery, var. Monemvasia, Koundoura
Fruity and fresh, with good acidity, easy and juicy. Ideal with savory tastes, with pies and meze, with white cheese and seafood, vegetables and white meat. It could be a perfect aperitive.
Kleftes, -Thieves (bio without sulphur), Vineyard Markou, Attika, var. Savvatiano
Intense taste, dry, with balanced acidity. Flavours of quinces and peach, with a long after taste.
Serfiotiko Xydakis’ Garden, Mykonos, var. Serfiotiko
This wine is typical of the cycladic vineyard. It accompanies lamb and goat, pork, fish and seafood meze, as well as cooked vegetables and fresh Cycladic cheese.
Sheriff fatman Syros’ winery, var. Serifiotiko
Fresh wine with intensive character. Lemony color with green reflections. Medium intense flavours of chamomile, green apple, lime and mineral. Medium body with crispy acidity.
Tranambelo, Naxos, var. Potamissi, Monemvasia, Mandilaria
Rich body with a refreshing aftertaste.
Begleri (bio) Ikaria island, Tsandiris’ Winery, var. Begleri
Dry wine with a special acidity and delicate flavors. Full taste with a pleasant after taste. It pairs with fish and white dishes of greek cuisine.
Potamissi Xydakis micro-winery, Mykonos, var. Potamissi
Special wine from this cycadic variety, well structured with fruity and spicy flavours, ideal with summer salads, grilled vegetables, humus and falafel, local mild cheese, lambs and goats.
Blanc de Noir Ikaria, Tsantiris Winery, var. Fokiano

A very interesting white wine from a red variety from a winery which is famous for it’s quality wines.

Vidiano Paterianakis’ Winery, Crete, var. Vidiano
A juicy wine from this typical cretan variety with refreshing acidity and balanced fruity aftertaste.
San ta Maratha Syros’ winery, var. Assyrtiko
Firm, rich, with spicy, mineral taste and perky acidity. Pairing with fish and seafood, lemony tastes, vegetable and cheese pies, white salty cheese, risotto and poultry.
Serifiotiko – Assyrtiko Xydakis’ Microwinery, Mykonos, var. Serifiotiko, Assyrtiko 20.00
Xiro Horio Chrissolora’s Winery, Serifos, var. Serfiotiko
Elegant white wine with aromas of melon, green apple and citrus. Beautiful intensity and nice acidity. Ideal for fresh salads, fish, seafood and chicken, white cheese flans.
Fume΄ Vineyard Markou, var. Savvatiano, Sterea Hellas, var. Savvatiano
Matured in barrel but without covering the fruit. Rich, ripe, with a buttery taste and balanced acidity.
Xeronomia Xydakis’ Microwinery, Mykonos, various local varieties
Adventurous wine made from various local grapes. Alcoholic, buttery and full bodied with a discrete acidity and a mesmerizing aftertaste. It combines well with meat and fatty fish like sardines, tuna or white grouper.
Vidiano Domaine Paterianakis’, Crete, var. Vidiano
Elegant, fruity wine with crispy acidity and long aftertaste. It accompanies fatty fish, white meat, pasta with spicy sauce and savory matured cheese.


Agiorghitiko Markou Vineyards, Peloponese, var. Aghiotghitiko
Fruity rose with discrete aromas and balanced acidity. It accompaniesfish cooked in a light tomato sauce, as well as free range chicken and pasta with light sauces.
Fokiano Ikaria island, Tsantiris Winery
Rich flavours of red fruits and wild flowers. Rich taste with sweet notes of mild spices and pleasant after taste.
Xiro Horio Chrissolora’s Winery, Serifos, var. Mandilaria
Medium acidity and flavor that resembles the essence of black fruit and spices.


Mathioulis Fonsos Christos, Tinos island, var. Koumari-Mavropotamisso
Balanced taste, pleasant tannins, an excellent Cycladic blend. It is combined with grilled and cooked meat, spicy cheese and cold cuts.
Akratos (bio) Tsandiris’ Winery, Ikaria island, var. Mandilaria, Fokiano
Six months in a barrel, with a rich character, velvet taste and long aftertaste. Ideal for cheese and plates of Mediterranean cuisine with tomato sauce.
Fabrica Syros’ winery, var. Mandilaria
Light and refreshing red wine with aromas of cherry, vanilla and tomato. Medium volume with soft tanins, perky acidity, lots of fruit and fresh after taste. Pairing with stuffed vegetables and red fish as tuna, meat in light tomato sauce and pasta with tomato.
Ktima – Domaine Bio, Crete, Domaine Paterianakis, var. Mandilaria-Kotsifali
Rich and lavish wine with a dried fruit flavor and spices. Full bodied with mature tannins. Great with grilled and braised meat.
Lemnio Bio Northern Eastern Greece, Anatolikos Winery, var. Lenio
Black cherries and black berries, vanilla and cardamon, cinamon, black pepper, tobbacco and chocolate aromas. Matching with meats in tomato sauce and grill meat.
Orgy Biodynamic, Sklavos, Kefalonia Island, var. Mavrodafni
Flavors of chocolate, smoke and cinnamon. It is ideal with cooked meat, meat pies and yellow cheese. This wine needs to breath for at least half an hour in an open carafe before it’s consumption.

Dessert Wines

Liastos Inolpi Winery, Zakynthos island, var. Avgoustiatis
The grapes are sundried for ten days in the traditional way, and it becomes an easy wine with a good acidity which softens by sweetness.
Melissandy Tsandiris’ Winery, Ikaria island, var. Fokiano, Mandilaria
It matures two years in barrels and it’s ideal for chocolate sweets or tarts with red fruits.

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